Rules and Constitution

  1. The Club shall be known as “DARTMOOR RADIO CLUB”.
  2. The club is formed to promote the use of all forms of telecommunications for all the family, in a friendly atmosphere.
  3. Membership:
    a. Membership is open to anyone interested in radio. Members are classified as: Ordinary Members; Youth Members, being under the age of 18 or still in full time education; Honorary Members, who have been elected to this class by the Club in recognition of their contribution to Amateur Radio over many years; and Honorary Foreign Members.
    b. Members are entitled to attend club meetings and use the club facilities and equipment, subject to rules, regulations and licence conditions.
    c. Application for ordinary membership must be made on the printed Membership Application Form, held by the Hon Secretary. The Applicant must be proposed by an Ordinary member of the Club of at least one year’s standing and seconded by another Club member. It will be initially considered by an ad hoc sub-committee of the Club Committee, advised as necessary by any Club member having an interest in the application. The recommendation of the sub-committee will then be given to the Club at its next meeting. Approval of an Application can only be given by the majority of members present at the Club meeting.
    d. On acceptance into the club an annual subscription is payable; the subscription fee is non-returnable.
    e. The annual subscription to be paid by each ordinary member shall be decided each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), after advice about the amount required has been given by the Hon Treasurer. The Financial Year shall run from the date of the AGM to the day before the date of the following year’s AGM. All subscriptions shall be due and payable at the beginning of the financial year. A one month period of grace is allowed at the discretion of the Chairman and Hon Treasurer. Members in arrears have no voting rights. Members not in arrears are deemed to be fully paid up members. A member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club if, by the date of the following year’s AGM, the subscription has not been paid. A member joining within three months of the end of the financial year will be deemed to be fully paid up until the end of the following financial year.
    f. Any member shall. upon ceasing to be a member of the club, forfeit the right to claim upon the club and its property and funds, whether that member resigns or is expelled.
  4. Annual General Meeting
    a. The AGM is to be held in January each year.
    b. The club committee shall consist of the following officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Rally Organiser, Quartermaster and Field Day Manager. All these officers must be fully paid up members of the club. Committee members shall be elected at the AGM, unless there is a casual vacancy, when the election shall be at the next monthly meeting. Members wishing to be on the committee shall be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members of the club. Election shall be by show of hands, unless a proposed committee member demands a secret ballot. In the case of a dead heat, the decision shall be by the toss of a coin. Only fully paid up members of the club can vote in an election. They must vote in person.
  5. Club funds:
    a. Club funds are to be kept in an interest earning account.
    b. Withdrawals of money must be authorised by any two signatures out of three club members, nominated by the committee; one has to be the Treasurer and the amount up to £100. £100 or more must be discussed at a club meeting.
  6. The club is to be insured against public liability, also club assets and members who loan equipment to the club, shall be insured as far as is possible.
  7. a. If a member shall be convicted of a serious offense, or use offensive language or whose behavior either at club meetings or outside is considered contrary to the interests of the club, then the committee is empowered to recommend to the members of the club that the offending member shall be expelled from the club.
    b. Any member expelled under this rule shall not be re-admitted to the club.
  8. Visitors are welcome.
  9. In the event of the club being disbanded, the members shall decide how the club assets and money shall be disposed of.
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