Wow, October already

Greetings to all members and followers of Dartmoor Radio Club activities.

Hopefully you will have seen that we are now doing virtual club meetings via zoom, and have been doing so every week since 23 June 2020. We have not been able to meet at Yelverton Hall since mid March. We were hopeful that once the lockdown eased in late June, normal service would be resumed. However, Yelverton Hall guidance would only allow 6 people at one time in the committee room (quite rightly so, it’s a fairly small room), so we just decided to carry on the virtual way.

Hence Zooming once a week has been good. Ok, so we should contact each other on the air, but at least this way , we can explore ideas and get a good look at people’s shacks and admire their refreshments. Remember, keep your eyes out for the email invite sent round every week.

Sadly the Abbots Way Walk, scheduled for Sunday 4th October has been cancelled. Looking ahead to our 37th Rally, it is scheduled for 3 May 2021. However, we can’t look ahead to it definitely taking place yet. Although, there is an abundance of finger crossing and face mask wearing going on in anticipation that it will be able to.

Highlights of our recent meetings have been Alan demonstrating all the developments with valves he is pursuing, one member getting ready for a Father Christmas event (guesses on a postcard please !), Terry collecting pin badges, problems for Ted with squirrel attack in his garden, Gerry and his spectrum analyser, a member attending a shack sale in Dorset, one member attempting the Intermediate Licence course and Dave making contact on FT8 with the Lebanon.

Dominic has reminded us to listen out for FREE lectures with RSGB on


The list of talks is already on this site, and there’s no charge or cost to join, member of RSGB or not.

So do join in – and let’s keep smiling

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